Thesis: Evaluating the Threat of Global Warming

Sample Thesis Paper

The Amazon rainforest, or Amazonia, as it is commonly known is a dense tropical forest that spans well over a billion and a half acres of land. The larger part of the forest is covered with a dense jungle and falls under the jurisdiction of nine countries simultaneously with Brazil owning the larger part of the Amazon. The Amazonia is rich in terms of the natural species it houses.
In fact, Amazonia is known as the one part of the world that holds natural diversity that is rare to find anywhere else in the world. This makes the Amazon a natural sanctuary to many of the almost extinct wild life and plant species in the world. While the rainforest is virtually uninhabitable, it is extremely valuable in terms of its contribution to the global ecosystem. The Amazonia has recently attracted global attention because of Global Warming, forest fires, and deforestation. Therefore, this paper will present a detailed insight into Global Warming, its implications, and specifically its implications for the Amazon rainforest, and stress on the importance of the conservation measures needed to preserve the Amazon rainforest

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