Thesis: In The Event of Offshore Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

In the case that the company is considering an offshore outsourcing agent for the production of its parts, there are a few factors that play a key role besides those mentioned above. Firstly, the mere fact that geographical distances are present brings in the factors of cultural differences between the two organizations. These cultural differences may have a considerable impact on the company. For instance, outsourcing into a region where there are frequent national holidays may serve to cause complications for the company. Similarly, an unstable political scenario in the region of the outsourcing agent may also have an influence on the productivity of the outsourcing agent, and hence on the company employing the outsourcing agent.

Offshore outsourcing also brings in the question of how the outsourcing agent will transport and eventually deliver the produced part. The mode of transportation may serve to have an impact on the quality of the part and may cause complications when the company chooses to address such issues.

Offshore outsourcing also serves to increase the number of uncontrollable variables. Such uncontrollable variables include the numerous logistical operations for which the company shall have to rely on a third party besides the outsourcing agent.

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