Thesis: Events as Part of Tourism Strategy

Sample Thesis Paper


In recent years, many destinations use events as part of their tourism strategy to attract tourists to come to their regions because tourism is one of the most important industries in helping destinations to increase their economic benefit. It could be said that there are many reasons that stimulate many destinations to want to host events. For example, Getz (1997) and Jago et al. (2003) agree that there are highly competitive in tourism industry, so this is one of the reasons that led many tourists destination to face high competition between destinations in bringing more tourists to their destinations. Richard and Palmer (2010) suggest that today many cities have to deal with many problems such as global change and unstable economic systems.
Therefore, they try to use alternative ways to attract tourists to come to their destination and they use events as a city development strategy because an event is one of the popular activities that could help to attract tourists to visit their destination to attend the events. Therefore, it could be said that events could help to bring tourists to their destinations and could help to improve their region’s economy from tourist expenditure. However, the benefit of successful events not only helps to increase economic activity, but also helps to improve the city image and community pride of local residents (Moon et al., 2011). Therefore, it could be stated that the government in many destinations want to host events because they know that there are lots of benefit from hosting events. Moreover, Boo and Busser (2006) show that the number of events which are sponsored by local governments have increased dramatically because these events have a significant economic impact to help increase the number of tourists and expenditure. Moscardo (2007) and Alves et al. (2010) discusses how in the last decade many regions have used events and festivals as a form of tourism to promote their region’s image and develop their regional economy. Rompf et al. (2008) agree that there has been a billion dollars spent on all types of events around the world and so many countries use events to be part of their tourism strategy to attract tourists to visit their countries.

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