Thesis: Evolution of the Coca Cola brand Pricing with Competition

Sample Thesis Paper – Coca Cola

Pricing has been an element that always has and always will remain the most important of elements that an organization relies on to attain brand supremacy. Having spent almost a century in the market, Coca Cola has become highly proficient in its pricing strategies with the passage of time. Perhaps one of the reasons that have kept Coca Cola on its feet for decades now has been the presence of a competitor that is capable of literally giving Coca Cola a run for its money.
The severity of the competition has always left Coca Cola executives and strategists vigilant in all aspects of the brand.
In this regard, the competition that Coca Cola faces in the global market is one of the rare few that can be regarded to be genuinely healthy.

Coca Cola

Pricing has always been one of the primary components of the Cola Wars with both cola producers engaging in price fluctuations with the coming of every new season in every region.
In certain areas, if one of the two competitors decreases prices with the coming of the summer season, the counterpart has no other option but to immediately decrease the price of his product is market share is to be saved from loss.
Similarly, if one of two chooses to increase the size of the bottle for the same price, then the other has to come up with a countering move within a few days to save his market share from switching.
We can conclude from this discussion regarding the influence of price wars on that continuous competition holds a higher degree of authority on the prices of the products in this industry than it is credited for.

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