Thesis: Examples of Breach in Homeland Security

Sample Thesis Paper

A breach in homeland security can occur as a result of the incidence of intentional or unintentional circumstances alike. For instance, an example can be found in the time of Hurricane Katrina when the New Orleans levee system experienced a collapse and the landfalls that Hurricane Katrina contributed to in Louisiana. These were events that had implications on numerous lives and involved the destruction of public property. This was a purely natural disaster with no intervention from any human means.
In contrast, some disasters occur as a result of human error or simply in a manner in which events take a turn that is in opposition a predefined plan. For example, January 1961 saw the jettisoning of two nuclear weapons from a B-52 Bomber as a result of a midair implosion (Kilroy, 2007). The first nuclear bomb managed to reach the ground without safety and did not come close to detonating but the second nuclear weapon suffered damage and it was only a fail-safe mechanism that prevented the bomb from going off. However, the most essential part of the nuclear bomb, the Uranium Core, was lost as a result of the accident. An investigation was carried out to reveal that there had been approximately 60 such accidents in the past where nuclear weapons were either launched or jettisoned inadvertently. As a result of this incident and the thorough investigation that took place, not only did the US military increase the intensity and number of safety measures on their aircraft but also suggested the Soviets to do the same (Kilroy, 2007).

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