Thesis: Excessive Presence of Emotions

Sample Thesis Paper

In the same regard, an excessive presence of any emotion can serve to hinder a person from performing their professional responsibilities if the person does not learn to manage their emotions and let their emotions guide their actions. For instance, for personnel who are engaged in the healthcare field (Tweedy, 1997), this fact becomes all the more essential since a surgeon cannot run the risk of feeling sorry for his patient and cannot let the patients apparent condition translate into any form of remorse or grief for the patient since it will serve to hinder the surgeon’s accuracy by causing the surgeon to concentrate on the patient’s condition rather than on the surgery that is essential to save the patient’s life (Herriot, 2001).

Similarly, it is necessary for a person to understand that at one or the other point, the person may feel the overwhelming sensation of an emotion that may cloud the subject’s judgment and may lead the person to immediately make a decision or perform an action. It is essential to understand that it is necessary for the person to take control of their sense of comprehension and their sense of judgment in scenarios that are of such a nature and if the person is in interaction with any external variables or with other personnel, the degree of damage that one can inflict by getting carried away with their emotions becomes all the more precarious.

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