Thesis: Exercising Customer Retention

Sample Thesis Paper

However, exercising customer retention through the development of brand commitment in consumers is a process that is very intricate process since the development of brand commitment is influenced considerably by variables such as experience, peer pressure, culture, social requirements, user reviews and the like.

Researches such as those by Ditto and Lopez (1992), Kiesler (1971) and Kunda (1990) have asserted that the commitment that a consumer exercises towards a brand undergoes several external influences. The most profound of these influences, according to these researches, is the exposure to information that is composed of strong evidence negating the reasons because of which the consumer is committed to the brand. Raju, Unnava, & Montgomery (2009) state that “when new information unambiguously supports an inconsistent position, consumers will find it very difficult to disregard the information despite its contradiction of prior attitudes” (Raju, Unnava, & Montgomery 2009). However, there have been assertions through similar researches that not all consumers choose to simply resist such information by allowing it to interfere with their commitment to a brand. Other consumers choose to reject the information outright and continue to pursue their commitment to the original brand with increased intensity.

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