Thesis: Existence of the Hindu Faith

Sample Thesis Paper

The religion of Hinduism does not have a beginning and does not have an end. It does not have a founder nor does it follow one man. It is an ever changing, ever evolving religion that continuously integrates new teachings into itself as it progresses forwards. It is symbolic then that there are many forms of God and several scriptures in the Hindu faith even though the religion only worships one God. The religion is accepting of every idea, every mindset, and every religion and wishes to unite the people following them towards their one God.

It is important for us to realize that the existence of the Hindu faith and its place as one of the world’s biggest religions. It may be contradictory in the tangible terms that define many of the world’s religions today. In many ways it seems like an amalgamation of several religions itself. However what is true about all religions is that they are all based upon a fundamental ideal. And in the end it must be admitted that Hinduism does as well which is why it can be seen as one of the world’s most unique religions.

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