Thesis: Exploitation of the Religion

Sample Thesis Paper

Regarding the question of Islam in particular, it important to highlight before coming to any conclusion that it is necessary to distinguish between the religion and the people who exploit a religion. For instance, it would be unjustified to judge Christianity based on the exploitation of the religion by the establishment in around the middle of the 1600’s (Teague).

According to Teague, the decision to conceal religious scriptures from the lay man was one that was not in any way an execution of the interpretation of any part of the religious scripture itself, but one that was done at the will of those who had influence upon its regulation upon the societal level. In this very same perception, we can conclude that just like any other religion, the instructions of Islam are those that encourage the prevalence and spreading of peace. It is the people who exploit and misinterpret a religion that are to be criticized for the actions that are taken by them.

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