Thesis: Exploring relationships in Hamlet

Sample Thesis Paper

Hamlet is a sixteenth century play that is believed to have been written by William Shakespeare. It is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most memorable works and is considered to be the tragedy that guided the development of literature towards the inception of the modern day tragedy. It is a play that has been analyzed by sociologists, psychologists, and literature experts alike.

Each character in the play comes forth as unique and grasps the attention of the audience (Shakespeare and Timmins). This paper shall shed light on the characters and the underlying relationship between the lead character, Hamlet, and the supporting character, Horatio. As a thesis, the paper shall consider the contributions of Horatio far more important to the play than those of Hamlet. In order to do so, the initial paragraphs shall reflect upon the individual personalities of the two characters while the latter paragraphs shall explore the relationship that they share.

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