Thesis: Exposure Experience

Sample Thesis Paper

When we consider the topic of racial stereotypes it is difficult to look beyond societal perceptions of individuals from different races. Often time’s individuals instead of being seen as human beings with their own goals and attributes are seen according to the reputation of their communities and their peers. The existence of crime is considered to be much more prevalent in African American communities, while Hispanic communities are considered to be generally poor and just as susceptible to violence as African Americans and are often seen as the poster child for illegal immigration. The Asian communities are stereotypically hard working, while terrorism is of course attributed to Middle Eastern communities. Though the stereotypes don’t end there, these examples do show how far removed from reality the concepts of stereotypes are and how much they can harm every aspect of racial relations. This topic will focus on the movie by Paul Haggis known as Crash and three websites to help us understand the racial issues present in today’s society and what is being done to further its cause.

The movie that I have chosen Crash focuses on racial and social tensions by following the lives of several individuals from different races on a typical day in Los Angeles. What is most interesting about this film is not only how the racial issues are presented but also how the lives of all these individuals coincide in the most unlikely of ways. I chose this film because it clearly depicts the current social climate in the United States towards the aspect of race while also exploring how this social climate affects each individual. This film also challenges the pre-conceived notions of the viewer regarding the path these characters will take and also how the characters view themselves.

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