Thesis: Extent of Irony in Roman Fever

Sample Thesis Paper

Riddled with irony, Roman Fever sheds light on the lives of the two women and it is not until the very end of the story that one realizes the extent of irony that the series of events that one has read through hold (Henningfield). The mere fact that Mrs. Ansley and Mrs. Slade think that they know almost everything about each other comes to an abrupt crash when they begin to realize that even after having grown up together, they have not managed to look into each other’s hearts and see each other for what they really are.

Ann Beattie’s Janus, on a comparative level streamlines toward parallel conclusions. The lead character here is a woman by the name of Andrea who is living a lie. She is living a life of deception double playing both her husband and her lover. The man who she is having a clandestine affair with, while she is married simultaneously. Andrea only then is able to end this sordid affair not by her own accord, but when her lover forcefully compels her to choose between the married life she is living and the dishonest one she is living with her lover (Selina). He unlike her wants all of her without any distractions, lies or deceptions, but when she refuses to end her marriage he ends their affair.

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