Thesis: Eyewitness Memory Accuracy

Sample Thesis Paper

General Introduction

The topic selected for this report is Eyewitness recollection accuracy. The topic is of exemplary importance because it is one that has practical implications. A research performed in this area serves to contribute to the perception regarding the practice of taking eyewitness testimonies into account during legal proceedings. Needless to highlight, countless cases have been brought to their resolutions after taking eyewitness testimonies into consideration.

The research performed in this area on the other hand, reveals that the accuracy of eyewitness memory retention and recollection is far from accurate. It is because of this reason that there is a need for credible and research in the area that can serve to eliminate this paradox.

Article #1 Introduction

The research in the article addresses the problem or question outlined by attempting to study the legitimacy of eyewitness’ statements by establishing the degree to which eyewitnesses are able to accurately recall what they have seen (Megreya & Burton, 2008).

This approach is different from most of the previous researches performed in this area because previous researches fundamentally chose to rely on live targets to carry out their experiments while this research chose to make use of photographs instead of live targets (Megreya & Burton, 2008).

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