Thesis: Face Validity of the Selection Method

Sample Thesis

When ascertaining which selection to choose, there are fundamentally three areas upon which primary significance should be laid. The first is that of criterion validity of the selection method chosen (Chmiel 2000). This is important because not all of the selection methods available allow precise selection constructs to be identified. Secondly, content validity of the tests has to be assessed in order to ensure that the method is not one that tends to over look certain applicants while giving undue consideration to others (Jones, Steffy, and Bray 1991).

In a hiring error, overlooking the perfect candidate may cause the method to incorrectly bring forth the second best candidate as the best one for the job.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly is the face validity of the selection method (Kline 2000). The face validity of the selected recruitment method comes into play by contributing to the employee’s tendency to take the tests in the method seriously (Chmiel 2000). In the event that the selection method is one that has low face validity, the candidate cannot be expected to perform at an optimal level in the tests of the technique at best.

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