Thesis: Factors Impacting Brand Commitment

Sample Thesis Paper

Factors impacting brand commitment on consumer purchasing behavior for mobile manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia
The research being carried out is on the factors that influence the commitment that a consumer holds towards a particular brand and the manner in which that commitment subsequently influences purchase behavior.
Context of the Research

Ahluwalia (2000) believes that even though consumer behavior is often predictable, but this very behavior becomes highly unpredictable in cases where the consumer is faced with the task of choosing from multiple brands. In this light, Kiesler (1971) stated that commitment plays a key role in determining the extent to which a consumer is willing to purchase a particular brand when faced with the task of making a choice between multiple brands. Kiesler (1971) believes that this commitment is signified by the extent to which a consumer feels tied and therefore associated to a brand. This association makes the consumer less willing to switch to another brand. Other researches that can be found to be in agreement to this idea include those such as Ahluwalia (2000) and Petty and Krosnick (1995).

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