Thesis: Failure of Educational System in US

Sample Thesis Paper

Our failure so far to comprehend this problem and to address it effectively has had consequences that we are just beginning to realize.  The social consequences have already manifested themselves in the form of increased high school drop-out rates, the level of alienation being experienced by students across America, the reinforcement of class dynamics, falling educational standards, and the increasing ethnic dimension of these problems. 

Economically, billions of dollars have so far been pumped into the educational arteries of the nation without addressing the core issues that continue to weaken our educational infrastructure.  Hoover Institute’s Koret Task Force on K-12 Education, upon reviewing the educational reforms undertaken between the years of 1983 and 2003, felt that the 80 million first graders that had entered school during the intervening years had had the same “scant chance of learning” that their peers back in 1983’s K-12 grade had found themselves saddled with.  This economic loss suffered in terms of educated skilled, semi-skilled and professional workforce is yet to be accounted for. (Hayes, 2004)

Lastly, something that a lot of people fail to take into account is the environmental cost of producing millions of unnecessarily updated editions of these textbooks year after year, primarily produced in the hardback format.   Since a majority of students are unable to sell most of their textbooks at the end of their semester because of the availability of revised editions, these books mostly end up staying confined to the bookshelves for the majority of their useful life, collecting dust, eventually ending up in the dustbin.  Hence, a significant proportion of these books even fail to become part of the recycling efforts underway across most parts of the country.

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