Thesis: Failures in ERP Systems

Sample Thesis Paper

The question most organizations have to deal with is whether to buy or build ERP whenever they face needs for such system support. This decision is very significant owing to the statistics of failures in ERP systems. Additional studies reveal that many ERP systems either exceed their budgetary specifications or are behind schedules. Thus, most organizations prefer operating under Critical Success Factors (CSF) as a guide for meeting systems goals.

Whereas there the CSF may various from one ERP system to the next, there are diverse views about the one with replicated success. In many cases, some organizations only attain fraction of the ERP goals. This study will adopt meta-analytic statistical techniques and case study methods based on secondary information and data on past ERP failures. These will base on case studied from management, ERP processes and organizations involved in implementation. This study will serialize known SAP and non-SAP ERP systems research projects and cases. Thus, cases of ERP failures evaluated and presented to come up with compulsory critical success factors.

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