Thesis: Family Development Theory

Sample Thesis Paper

Once the veteran is diagnosed with and the recommendation for admission is given, the family unit attempts to recover and revive its original structure by supporting the patient. Stanhope & Lancaster (2004) showed that this is done to keep the line of resistance strong and to maintain routines and values of the family. Breaches in the family’s line of resistance cause the family unit to attempt all the more harder to repair and retain its original composition.

Another theory observable in this case, is the family development theory. The theory comes into play when a close relative of the veteran brings the veteran along for admission to the hospital. Lundy & Janes (2009) believe that it is common to observe the close relatives of a patient to worry for the patient’s health when the subject is admitted. Veterans who come in without any social support are more vulnerable to stressors because of the absence of a social network. The absence of a social network serves as proof of the absence of social support and makes the implications of the stressors on the veteran all the more severe.

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