Thesis: The Family System taken as a Nursing Practice

Sample Thesis Paper

The family system is taken as a part of the nursing practice because family members usually spend more time with the patient than the nurses and doctors treating the patient. In addition, the family system often serves as reinforcement for the nursing treatment provided to the subject individual. Therefore, the family system serves as the sustenance of measures taken during nursing practice. This applications of the family system as part of nursing practice can be seen practically in the application of the Family Assessment Intervention Model on veteran’s hospitals.

I work in a Veteran’s hospital and my position allows me to interact with patients before and after surgery, thereby giving me a comprehension of the difference in family roles before and after a surgery takes place. During my experience in the Veteran’s hospital, I have observed that family support is generally lesser when veteran’s are about to be admitted and increases as the patient comes closer to discharge after treatment. Family support continues to increase if the condition of the patient continues to worsen.

At the time of admission, the veteran is generally with little or no family support. Once the patient is admitted, the family unit converges upon the threat to the safety and health of the member of the family. The increase in family support occurs parallel to the worsening of a patient’s condition. Therefore, the family unit chooses to resist the external stressor. In this case, the external stressor is the cause of the patient’s admission to the hospital.

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