Thesis: Female Victims of Human Trafficking

Sample Thesis Paper

Victims of human trafficking are kept in confines where they are neither left capable of protesting against the brutality that they are subjected to, and are neither given space that can serve to allow them to escape towards freedom and out of the shackles of their captors. Also, it becomes evident that the treatment to which the female victims of human trafficking are subjected is no less different than slavery. In fact, it would not be unreasonable to conclude that this industry serves as a modern day form of slavery.

However, there is a certain difference in this modern day form of slavery. This difference can be seen in the fact that in modern day slavery, the female victims are more than often coerced to a point where they are forced to comply with the will of their captors. They are threatened for not only their own lives but also for the lives of their loved ones and their families at home. In this regard, they are kept in a constant state of fear and their decisions are paralyzed.

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