Thesis: Use of fertilizers contributes to global warming

Sample Thesis Paper

Further, use of fertilizers in Agriculture is known to contribute nitrous oxide into the atmosphere especially when used on expansive fields. According to Chehoski, this is a common feature of extensive agriculture that is typical of today’s Agricultural activities (78). He also indicates that burning of organic matter during preparation of fields in developing countries also contributes to global warming.

Another indirect cause of global warming lies in the increases in population. Green argues that this implies increased transportation, Agriculture and other industrial activities in order to sustain this population (59). In addition, the disposal and treatment of wastes contributes to global warming in different ways. To start with, Houghton explains that the decaying organic matter is a sure source of methane and natural gas which is commonly found in waste disposal plants (67). In addition, he argues that the chemicals used in waste treatment also contribute significant amounts of green house gases in to the atmosphere.

Moreover, the domestic machinery like computers and refrigerators also produce gases that contribute to global warming. According to Houghton, these machines produce heat that is a key component of global warming (69). In their study Dow and Downing indicate that urbanization also contributes to global warming because of the activities that result from the same (45). In this regard, they argue that urbanization leads to deforestation as humans build more industries to create jobs. In addition, the industries contribute large volumes of green house gases to the atmosphere. Moreover, Braasch points out that urbanization increases the amount of long wave length rays and heat reflected in to the atmosphere because of the brightness (75).

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