Thesis: Fiction & Poetry

Sample Thesis Paper

Through the course of time, the volume of literature that is present in the English language upon the subject of racial and social discrimination. The following paragraphs shall attempt to discuss two elements of the English language that attempt to do the very same. For this purpose, one poem and one short story have been elaborated upon. The poem elaborated upon for this purpose is The Incident by Countee Cullen and the short story selected for this purpose is The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker.

The Incident was written by Countee Cullen in the 1920’s when racial discrimination was still quite prevalent and colored people were treated as if though they were different from non‑colored people. The poem is short but highly touching. The poet takes the reader through a brief flashback that the boy has while riding through Baltimore and an unpleasant incident that occurred during the trip. The incident was of such a nature that it became engraved in the young lad’s heart (Hollowell).

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