Thesis: The Film Capacitors

Sample Thesis Paper

The film capacitor, are the most common capacitors in the market with a range of members in the family Wayne, (2011). These variance is dependent on the dielectric material used like; polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, Teflon and metalized paper among others. They also range in capacitance from 5pF to 100µF. they also appear in a range of shapes and cases like; wrap and fill, metal hermetically sealed and the epoxy case.

There are film capacitors called plastic film capacitors that use polystyrene, Teflon or polycarbonate for dielectrics Splung (2011). The plastic capacitor is advantageous over the impregnated capacitor because, they perform very well under high temperatures, they also have small tolerance, long life and very reliable. The ceramic capacitors on the other hand are made from coating both sides of a ceramic or a porcelain disc with silver Wayne, (2011). These two discs are stacked together to form the capacitor. In order to have a low capacitance, a single ceramic capacitor is used, of about 3-6mm. however, these capacitors have a high dielectric Constant, and therefore higher capacitance. They are mostly used for de-coupling and as by-pass capacitors due to the large non-linear changes they exhibit.

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