Thesis: Financial Bubble discussed

Sample Thesis Paper

Sadly all the qualities in the system were replaced by the drawbacks gradually. Very right fully written by the authors:

Still, while the institutions evolve, the ideas and theories about them tend to remain fixed; it is as if people hadn’t noticed. In America, all the restraints, inhabitations, and modesty of the Old Republic have been blown away by the prevailing winds of the new empire. In their place has emerged a vainglorious system of conceit, deceit, debt and delusion. (3)

The concept of a bubble empire is very clearly explained by the writers. More emphatically said is the philosophical idea that everything will revert to the mean sooner or later and this is guaranteed. There is a high and low but then middle as well. It is this middle that we are interested in. Authors have explained that there is a normal which although isn’t prominent, but it is the rule of nature that it is this normal that everything eventually returns to. American imperialists are in the process of returning to be normal people. Nature tends to bring the monopoly of the American empire down to normal. What is normal for the dollar? Its normal worth is zero. So in all essence, the currency that is pegged the highest right now is going to become the most devalued of all. It is just a paper, which has no value and in the past hundred years its value has declined sharply. Even unusual increases in things have negativity to it because extremes are never too great.

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