Thesis: Financial situation of US discussed

Sample Thesis Paper

The authors explain that it doesn’t work that way. In a cycle carefully modulated and modeled, there are peaks which come about when precautions are not taken. When the peak is reached, there is a more likely chance of a down fall or turn. Americans weren’t cautious when the property prices were soaring and didn’t realize that when soaring, they would decline after it. This imperial cycle’s peak was where the Americans thought that they were above all, their values prevalent over the entire world and it was here that the downfall would start, that they were delusional.

We think other countries want us to take over when in actual, why would they? Have they taken any special interests in taking over and running our economy? Giving and aiding in advice is something else, the conveying of meaning and democracy can be through verbal and demonstrative means which if they like they can adopt as well. But taking over is a monopoly of empires which is hard to deny at present.

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