Thesis: Financing Options to Cover Shortage of Cash

Sample Thesis Paper

The question relating to the financing options available or used by the companies in case of any shortfall of cash received more or less the same answers from the respondents of both companies.  The main credit facility availed in both companies is a running finance facility from the bank which is utilised in case the companies face any shortage in cash. Other short term financing options available for both companies include short term notes which are issued to various parties and selling off short term investments when there is an urgent requirement of cash.

Findings and Analysis of Primary Research

The analysis of the survey questionnaire in the primary research provides useful information to the researcher to evaluate the research hypothesis and answer the research questions of the current thesis. The questionnaire includes various questions which require the respondents to apply comprehensive knowledge and experience from the company which helps the researcher in better understanding of the research topic. The questions regarding the importance of cash flows, elements of financial statements that affect cash flows, the various techniques applied by the two companies for efficient management of these elements to speed up the cash flows help build an appropriate and effective base for evaluating the research hypothesis. The two most important questions relating to the use of a single technique or combination of techniques to speed up cash flows help in validating the research hypothesis. The issues brought up in the research questions presented in the research report in support of the research hypothesis are also clarified through the replies of the survey questionnaire. The representatives of both companies conveyed in reply to the questions related to the combination of techniques that in order to achieve an efficient management of cash flows and speeding up cash flows in an effective manner it was necessary to implement a combination of techniques rather than a single technique to speed up cash flows. The reason explained for this phenomenon by the respondents is based on a simple opinion which entails that if only one technique to speed up cash flows is applied it would not result in the desired outcome and only one aspect of the cash flows either the cash inflows or cash outflows would be covered.

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