Thesis: Firm Activities Analysis for UK Banking Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

This section of the analytical framework shall involve the study of the key areas of operation of the banks in the industry. Major products and services provided by UK banks shall be explored to acquire an understanding of the areas of banking to which consumers are exposed directly and indirectly. The organization of service and related factors shall also be taken into account. The purpose of analyzing firm activities is to take an internal look at the processes of the banks in the UK in order to ascertain areas of strengths and weaknesses for the industry. Strategy Analysis

Once an understanding of UK banks has been formed, the research shall then continue to develop a generalized understanding of the strategies that banks in the UK adopt to ensure customer loyalty. This will allow the research to ascertain the degree to which banks in the UK consider customer satisfaction to be of relevance. The strategy analysis will incorporate a study of different banks in the UK and the approach that they exercise towards consumer satisfaction. This part of the analysis shall make use of peer reviewed publications as well as press releases that are integral to the study.

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