Thesis: Firms Accounting Procedures

Sample Thesis Paper

Several small investors faced losses when a larger business failed, causing several beneficiaries of the firm to face losses. What comes as a perplexity is the fact that the firm was showing all the prospects and potential for development. This is a fact that merits investigation without the shadow of a doubt.

In a scenario such as the one provided, one of the first steps will be the conducting of interviews with the accounts and finance operatives of the firm. This will allow for a statement to be obtained about the nature of the accounts of the firm and the modus operandi that the firms accounting procedures follow. Needless to say, the interviews are to simply gather statements and any information that can be accumulated in the process and shall not be carried out with an intention to extract any confessions or declarations of guilt. The entire staff and any personnel associated with the finance and accounting operations of the firm shall be interviewed and their perspective on the present book keeping and reporting operations and the suggested book keeping and reporting operations shall be recorded.

It is essential to note that a hypothesis shall be formed during the interviews that shall point towards the suspect and quantitative figures shall be formulated with regard to the possible degree of intervention by each suspect individual and/department that contributed to the irregularities that spurred the investigation to begin with.

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