Thesis: Flaws in Health Care

Sample Thesis Paper

The critical shortages of doctors and their dissatisfactory services was the major part of the debate. The major issue in the healthcare sector was about Medicare fraud which drives the attention of the public towards media in which criminals organized false services for the new patients who didn’t know much about the healthcare policies. On the other hand many conservatives argued that it is unconstitutional to force anyone to purchase the private insurance policies. The main agenda addressed by the media was about healthcare rights, courtesy and maintaining the quality and amounts allocated by the government. Media has handled this sensitive issue by addressing different problems in the healthcare industry and how the politicians support them to sustain their credibility in front of public and opposition (Bucci, 2008).

Health coverage experience

My experience towards the healthcare coverage was not proved to be satisfactory because of the negative chunks in the U.S healthcare policy. After paying the premium cost of health coverage I didn’t get that quality of services which I supposed to get. My family and I experienced different difficulties related to the health coverage in which inconsistency of prevailing health coverage insurance became inescapable problem for me and my family. This is due to the current framework failure to accommodate the US economy. These are the major drawbacks which I and my family faced as far as the health coverage policies of U.S government are concerned.

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