Thesis: Foreign Direct Investment in Angola

Sample Thesis Paper


Angola is one of the richest countries in the Sub-Saharan region in respect of minerals and other natural resources. They have been experiencing double digit growth figures where in 2005 real GDP growth rate was 11.70%; in 2006 it was 19.90%, then 15%, 16.30% for 2007 and 2008 successively.

In Angola, the national agency of FDI (ANIP) has been established and they offer various financial and fiscal incentives, as well as areas and opportunities of investment for foreign investors. The areas however that seem to be receiving most FDI are the financial sector through financial intermediaries like banks. The petroleum, agricultural, infrastructure, real estate sectors, diamonds and other natural resources are also being showered with FDI and also domestic investments.

The constraints that Angola imposes on FDI are still far from being resolved. Parallel markets, crime, corruption, and slow judicial department have been a worry for investors.

The author being an Angolan is concerned about the negative effects of mismanaged political and judicial affairs on Foreign Direct Investment. The reason why the author decided to research the subject of analysing Foreign Direct Investment impact   adopted in Angola derives from his great interest to analyse the Foreign Direct Investment’s relationship with growth which is currently facing major challenges.

During the initial research process, the author experienced difficulties in having access to information about the exact effects of FDI and negative effects on the relationship between growth and FDI. However, access fortunately to information and relevant people at a later stage of the research were less problematic than previously assumed.

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