Thesis: Formation of the First Crusade

Sample Thesis Paper

The first crusade was however not meant to be merely used for military purposes and the formation of the first crusade was made such that it incorporated not only fighters but also intellectuals to ensure that there was always a running flow of supplies for the men of the first crusade. It is for the same reason that the first crusade did not merely serve to strike back at the swiftly growing dominance of the Muslims in the early eleventh and the late tenth century but also served to assist in the establishment of trade between regions of the west as the army of the first crusade rode far and wide to conquer lands that were rightfully theirs (Cleve, 2004).

The First Crusade also led to the formation of four Latin kingdoms that were completely independent and this formation was supplemented in its strength by the formation of the three most historically significant military orders. As a result of the First Crusade, the Hospitallers, the Knights Templers, and the Teutonic Knights were formed and an entire infrastructure for the protection of Christianity came into formation with them. It is essential to highlight at this point that this was not an outcome that Alexis I had expected, yet it was welcomed as it came (United Methodist Women, 2007).

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