Thesis: Forms of Ultrasound Applications

Sample Thesis Paper

By monitoring the changes in the echo frequency, a clear understanding of the speed of the object can be acquired. The Doppler Effect allows the monitoring of activity inside the human body (Radiological Society of North America, Inc., 2009). Common applications of ultrasound on the principles of the Doppler Effect include those such as the examination of blood speed in the human heart. Different colors can be brought into use to depict different speeds of blood flow. This allows the identification of cardiac diseases.

Another form of ultrasound application brought into use is 3D Ultrasound Imaging. 3D Ultrasound Imaging by combining standard 2D ultrasound technology with advanced computer innovation. The examiner in this case takes consecutive 2D images of the subject which are compiled in the computer in a form such that a computer generated 3D image is created.  This particular technology is one that allows medical practitioners to acquire detailed pictures of the insides of the human body (Radiological Society of North America, Inc., 2009). Cysts and other similar defects come forth clearly in 3D imaging and continuous application of this 3D imaging technology allows the observation of the steady development of internal growths.

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