Thesis: The Free Market and Natural Rights System

Sample Thesis Paper

The Free market and natural rights system created by John Locke contends that individuals have natural rights that should not be curtailed by government legislation. It speaks of the concept of a free market in which an individual has the right to choose to trade his goods and the government should not interfere in this exchange rather should enact legislation to protect the individuals right to free trade.  It also states that when people are free of government control they are only governed by the laws of nature.

The laws of nature state that an individual only has power over other individuals if he is allowed to hold that power. However in this state individuals are constantly under threat from being harmed by others necessitating the creation of an organized political body to protect their natural rights. It also contends that if an individual creates or improves upon an existing idea than that idea becomes the sole property of the individual in question. If a person writes software then that software belongs to the individual who labored to create it. Thus any use of such property should be at the behest of the individual who created it. If a person sells his labor to an employer it is contingent upon the fact that the employer gains ownership of the fruits of the individuals labor only as long as it is understood that the employee is selling his labor (Valesquez pg 130-132).

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