Thesis: Fundamental Theory on Customer Satisfaction

Sample Thesis Paper

An individual’s personality, while highly complex to define, can be comprehended by developing an understanding of the prime factors that influence its development (Kusluvan 2003). Generally these factors are taken to be based on the individual’s perceptions, emotions and subsequent behavior  (Kusluvan 2003). What establishes these factors as the key contributors to the development of a personality is the fact that the role they play is consistent and often shows a pattern in its cause-and-effect occurrence (Keiningham and Vavra 2001). Since these elements can be observed best when they are in play, it is apparent that it is during an interaction that the individual’s personality makes an impact. This brings us to the aspect that not all individuals can be expected to have the mix of perceptions, emotions and behavioral trends required for a position (Kusluvan 2003). There may be cases where the individual is required to exercise emotional labor but harbors an introverted personality in which behavior is limited; which would make the candidate unsuitable for that position.

Customer satisfaction in the service industry is one that is reliant on employee satisfaction. This is because of the fact that an employee working in the service industry cannot function adequately without interacting with the customer at one point or the other (Kusluvan 2003). In many causes, the interaction with an employee is the only time a consumer comes into interaction with any personnel of the service at all (Brotherton 2003). In that often brief moment of interaction, it is normal for the customer to make conscious or subconscious judgments about the commitment that the organization has to the provision of quality service to the consumer (Cook, Yale and Marqua 2006). Along with this, the customer also tends to evaluate the attitude and behavior of an employee and it is at that point that the employee becomes more than a representative of the company to the consumer (Kusluvan 2003). To the consumer, the employee becomes the physical incarnation of the company. The employee, in this regard, comes into play as a key determinant of the customer’s satisfaction and eventual loyalty to the service provider.

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