Thesis: Gaining Competitive Advantage During Recession

Sample Thesis Paper

As we have discussed before that organizations should focus more on customer preference and build a strong marketing campaign just to make a point that the organization would not fear the recession but they’ll face it. But it is always difficult for organizations when the recession hits the market. It’s a difficult decision to make major investment, or to launch a new product. This aggressive and bold strategy would prove out to be a clear message for the competitors that the organization is thriving continuously. In other words we can say that these bold tactics would provide profitability during the bad times and superior growth when the recession period is over (Roberts 2003).

“The natural reaction of many businesses experiencing a downturn in their revenue is to cut costs in areas like advertising and promotion. Our findings prove that they should do exactly the opposite if they are to ride out the recession and thrive thereafter (Roberts 2003, p. 33).”

Economists have defined two types of costs among which the organization has to make a decision which one to go forward with. These costs are tagged as good costs and bad costs.

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