Thesis: Gastric Bypass Surgery Effects

Sample Thesis Paper

Intolerance to food such as milk or red meat post GBP may result in nutrition deficiencies such as anemia and osteoporosis that 30% of patients suffer from. Hyperparathyroidism from lack of absorption of calcium, and supplemental Vitamin D has to be taken. Neuropathies results from Vitamin B12 deficiency, as an important chemical that aids absorption, produced by the stomach is itself deficient. Protein deficiency is a serious problem especially in the initial phase when weight is lost rapidly and the body has not adjusted to the change in eating habits. (Bell 2009)

However, the intended aim is achieved; the patient feels full and satisfied after ingesting a small amount of food. Total food intake is significantly reduced even though the number of meals is increased to compensate and ensure adequate nutrition. If the patient complies with the doctor’s orders about diet and intake, and takes the necessary vitamins and supplements, then the post procedure course is not that distressing.

As soon as the problem of obesity is corrected, the health benefits start to show in a vast majority of patients. The important effects are; decrease in the level of hyperlipidemia, hypertension and sleep apnea, reversal of type II diabetes in over 90% of patients within days, and relief from reflux, back and joint pain. Overall the mortality rate is decreased by 90% over a five year period. However, there is a 1% mortality rate associated with the procedure, which makes careful selection of patients very important. This risk is obviously increased in patients who have a concurrent illness, or who have an unusually high BMI. (Bult 2008)

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