Thesis: George Boole’s Contribution to Logic

Sample Thesis Paper

As a result of George Boole’s contributions to logic and his development of the genre of logic that came to be known as Boolean Logic, digital electronic circuit designing underwent a major revolution and took on a form that led to the development of modern day digital circuits that later evolved to become the foundations of digital computing as we know it today. Fundamental Boolean logic gates that are commonly referred to as AND, OR, and NOT gates are used to perform logical calculations in the implementation of Boolean Logic.

Boolean Logic is also used extensively in Relational Database Applications. By making use of Boolean logic with parenthesis and nested parenthesis, Relational Database Applications perform querying operations that would otherwise be highly tedious and time consuming to perform.

From the above discussion, we can deduce that Boole’s developments to logic and mathematical computation may have been presented by Boole at a time when they were not fully recognized, but this did not serve to change the fact that Boole’s developments in the area of logic were of a revolutionary nature and it is in fact Boolean logic that is to be credited for the development of modern day computing.

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