Thesis: Germany’s Response to the Threat of British Empire

Sample Thesis Paper

The simultaneous presence of these alliances and treaties caused tensions to grow through time which makes it evident that the developments that led to the ensuing of the first world war were indeed spread out over decades and the war had not taken place as a result of any ad-hoc decisions but was the outcome of carefully planned strategic moves and decisions.

In light of Britain’s increasing power, Germany’s actions were ones that showed that Germany felt a threat from British Empire. This was evident when Germany began its invasion and claiming of the colony of Southern Africa (Historyonthenet, 2010). While this colony was one that comprise mostly of barren desert, it brought the German armies precariously close to South Africa and its economically rich gold and diamond mines.

The second movement that caused friction was the fact that German began expanding its naval fleet which was an unwanted action in light of Germany’s relatively small coastline (Trueman, 2010). This move was one that led to the triggering of an arms race that not only continued throughout the war but also served to fuel it.

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