Thesis: Global Business Assessment – China

Sample Thesis Paper

During the course, the objectives were to:

· Study the patterns, trends, causes and subsequent affects in technology advancement.

  • To research on how international business is affected as a result of changing demographics.
  • To acquire an understanding of the unique culture in the business environment of China.
  • To develop a comprehensive and thorough understanding of how the Chinese business environment influences business practices in the country.
  • To develop a sound understanding of how China relates to other countries with regard to the conduction of business.

In order to study the course effectively, the course entailed a detailed and systematic analysis of the Chinese business environment in light of its evolution over time, the factors that drive it, and the factors that have negative implications upon it. The unique Chinese business environment was initially studied as a singular business environment and this allowed complete and undivided concentration to be given to the same.

[Course Name] allowed students an opportunity to explore the expansive and diverse body of literature pertaining to Chinese business environment. Publications such as “Development of management philosophy for Chinese business environment” (Lee, 2005) and “Global project management handbook: planning, organizing, and controlling and International Projects” (Cleland & Gareis, 2006) were observed to be of special relevance and were found to be only few of the texts that explored the unique culture of the Chinese business environment and the implications of advancement in technology upon it.

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