Thesis: Global Conversation in Jonathan Sach’s View

Sample Thesis Paper

Jonathan Sach appears to be so highly motivated and convinced of his perception that further on in the book, he has chosen to argue against the widely accepted idea of universal truth that was given by Plato centuries ago. In doing so, Jonathan Sach calls for a global conversation in order to transform all the hostility that is currently present in the world into a form where it can be converted in to dialogue so that it can be brought to a conclusion without any damage to anybody’s life or property.

It is Jonathan Sach’s perception that unless tolerance is allowed to take root and acceptance is supplemented with respect, it will be extremely difficult for the members of the human race to come to a point where they can respect and accept the differences that exist between them. In Jonathan Sach’s perspective, the clash of civilizations is not a one-time occurrence, but is a cyclic series of events in which each battle is followed by another one. Jonathan Sach advocates for peace across the world by asking the people of the world to bring down this cycle the same way it reached its current degree of dominance. It has to be systematically diminished so that it can no longer function and cannot reenergize itself through biased hatred, prejudice, intolerance and disrespect after every battle.

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