Thesis: Global Warming Delusions

Sample Thesis Paper

Additionally, there is a need to identify the key areas and industries that are contributing to Global Warming, and to develop formal and internationally recognized policies that take a firm approach towards the need to contribute to the decrease of Global Warming. Also, agencies and regulatory bodies can serve as platforms from which entrepreneurial measures can be taken to address the issue at hand (Boyd). Furthermore, there is also a practical to address deforestation through reforestation measures. These measures will have to be taken on a global level in order for them to be truly effective and in order to bring maters to a point where an improvement for the better can be trusted to come about.

Moreover, there is a large volume of data that authenticates the implications of Global Warming on the Amazon rainforest and there is perhaps an equally large volume of data available in opposition to the idea as can be observed in the elaboration given by Boyd. Included in those who argue against the effects of Global Warming is Dr. Daniel Botkins, who is the president of the Centre for the Study of the Environment and a professor at the University of California. In his article entitled, “Global Warming Delusions,” which was printed in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Botkins argued that the IPCC report presented in 2007 blows the effects of Global Warming out of proportions. This paradox needs clarity through concrete resolutions and discussions can help ascertain whether the threat to the Amazon rainforest is real or not. Only then can attention be concentrated on areas where it is necessary. In contrast, Boyd argues that there is little or no doubt that the threat to the Amazon rainforest is very real and not less than disastrous in nature (Boyd). There is a need to realize the severity of matters that may take place in the near future with the most seemingly insignificant changes bringing about unbelievable affects. Robin Cook, in an article for the Guardian, notes that:

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