Thesis on Globalization

Sample Thesis Paper

Globalization is one phenomenon that is evident in all parts of the world and has been catalyzed technological advancement making the whole world a global village.  According to Bertho, Crawford, and Fogarty (2008), “It is usually defined as disintegration of national boundaries an act, which leads to integration of countries and economies” (p. 4). It leads to formation of a world economy and a single world market. Although no one can negate the fact that globalization is a real phenomena, the impact of the same both positive and negative remains debatable. Belgium, which hosts the European Union headquarters, is a developed country, which has been affected by globalization.

Though Belgium has a diversified economy, this term paper focuses on managing global expansion of textile in Belgium since the textile industry is one the major industries affected by globalization. Additionally the paper focuses on the essence of  globalization, cultural and political factors affecting globalization, the strategies that firms need to employ and recommendations that the Belgium textile industry needs to employ to succeed in the global market. It is worth noting that the fierce global competition requires a firm or an economy to use strategic policies that will make the firm to remain at a competitive advantage. More so, current global economy has affected many economies and their rate of recovery depends on the microeconomic factors being employed by the policy makers within the individual economies. This calls for thorough research on the most viable markets/ economies to invest.

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