Thesis: Globalization – Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The state of the economy after the recession has been one of the most prolific news stories which are being followed today. According to Kwame Anthony Appiah the only factor which is ensure future economic and political stability within the United States and around the world is the continued adoption of capitalism and its ideals (Appiah). While Franklin Foer believes the state of the economy should be taken in a wider social aspect. That the current state of the economy and the source of its downfall do not reflect anything inherently wrong with the system, rather it reflects the viewpoints of various individuals irreparably tied to the economy as well as irrational anxieties of the traders and journalists who had an overwhelming negative view of the market (Foer). This essay will provide an original thesis to argue both these contentions.

In my opinion the fall of the economy was due to an inherent imbalance which existed within the economical structure. It is true that the pursuit of capitalism and its ideals resulted in profits for many of these companies. However, an economy is not supposed to serve the market, it is supposed to serve the citizens who constitute its consumers. In effect the continued pursuit of profit and equally shortfall within the quality of care provided to the citizens of the country resulted in the incidence of the depression. If the economy had met the needs of the people than by Kwames own contention the people would have weathered this moment. They would have provided stability to the economy by continuing to invest.

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