Thesis: Globalization and Political Differences

Sample Thesis Paper

The political difference existing between economies is a critical factor that needs to considered while considering the country to expand to. It of paramount importance to note that, it is the political environment that determines the kind of rule in an economy, that is either dictatorship or democratic rule and eventually dictating the foreign policy of an economy. It is easier to expand in countries that have the same kind of rule than the others that an economy share’s different rule. Worth noting is that, the political ideology determines the economic policies in a country. Despite the fact that globalization has integrated the world economies, countries sharing similar political ideology are closely linked together than those that have different political ideology. Since Belgium is a democratic country just like the other European countries, it will be easier to expand in the European countries and other countries in the globe that Belgium has close bilateral ties.

When faced with ethical dilemmas, it is important for the business managers to put their dealings within the right ethical and legal framework. The US has the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-FCPA for international businesses, which guides organizations conduct in foreign countries. In Belgium, the government should set up standardized policies that will enable managers to make sound decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas.  Managers can also use the five question criteria or matrix outlined by Navran (2004) by asking themselves whether it is legal, whether any laws will be violated, whether the action or decision fair both in long term and short term, what it would feel if they were on the other parties shoes, and whether they are proud of the decision or action they are taking.

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