Thesis: Globalization-conclusion and Recommendations

Sample Thesis Paper

Globalization is a real phenomenon especially in the 21st century and cannot be stopped. Its challenges and opportunities are evident in each country. It is therefore very for every person to adapt to the changes of the same. Countries need to important make policies that can help them combat any problem that may emanate from globalization as well as policies that can help them prosper as other countries prosper.

For employees, it is important to increase knowledge and skills especially because studies have indicated that the process of production is currently using the very recent technological development.  Although there is a lot of literature on globalization, it is important for scholars to study the effects of globalization in specific countries.
6.0 Summary/Conclusion. Provide a few concluding paragraphs about what your paper and how it can be beneficial for practitioners. Irrespective of the limitations on the direct foreign investment as strategy for a firm to venture in to the global market, it still remains the best available strategy for textile industry in Belgium.

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