Thesis: Is God Omniscient

Sample Thesis Paper

The question then becomes if God has foreknowledge of human actions, and human beings have foreknowledge of their actions, then does that mean that this knowledge gives human beings the ability to change such an action. There have been various philosophers who have attempted to tackle this question, to answer if there is compatibility between free will and determinism. One method which philosophers use to provide proof that God is omniscient is by saying that there are no facts which can accurately allow an individual to say what will happen in the future. Prior to someone exercising his or her free will there is no way for any person to know what will happen.

It might be said that this in fact acts against the omniscience of God. However, as the earlier point mentioned God cannot know the objective of free will before free will has been exercised no more than he can make square circles. There are of course yet other schools of thought who contend that free will is compatible with libertarian freedom. That God can know the objective of free will before free will has been exercised. These philosophers say that within the spectrum of God, the concept of time does not exist like it does for human beings or that God’s viewpoint of human beings is such that it does not impinge upon our consideration of free will. There is also a contention which is commonly known as middle knowledge. In this theory God can contended to know all possible futures which may occur and any number of events which lead to it. Thus, this form of knowledge allows God to know the outcome of every decision an individual makes thus knowing what events will occur and what may occur (Cahn).

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