Thesis: Government and Competitive Drivers of Globalization

Sample Thesis Paper

Globalization is heavily affected by government rules enforcing various policies, which include favorable trade policies, common marketing regulation, and government owned competitors as well as customers, host government concerns and compatible technical standards.  Jäger (2009) also states that,”Globalization is influenced by governments polices like non-tariff barriers, export subsidies and capital flow restrictions” (p. 10). In case such polices create a favorable environment, international trade is highly practiced and globalization becomes inevitable.

Competitive globalization drivers are inclusive of high levels of imports and exports. Following increase of trade between different countries, interaction between people increases leading to globalization.  There are still other drivers like revolution of the sector of communication and information technology as well as improvement of business transactions. These and other factors beyond the scope of this paper enhance globalization hence the term drivers of globalization.

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