Thesis: Government-sponsored medical system

Sample Thesis Paper

Today, the United States is the only industrial country in the world that does not provide a government-sponsored medical system for all citizens (Bodenheimer, 2006). One major reason for this is an antinationalistic political philosophy which values limited government actions in order to maximize personal liberties.

The involvement of the government is only seen in some kind of support for those most in need, the children of the poor, and the elderly – Medicaid (for the poor) and Medicare (for the elderly). Both of these programs grew out of the controversy about public health. While these programs give a certain level of assistance to the poor and the elderly (usually low-quality services), there are growing numbers of low-paid middle class working people who do not fulfill requirements for receiving Medicaid insurance. Furthermore, neither their employers provide them with health insurance benefits nor their low-amount checks allow them to purchase any kind of insurance. This category of people suffers the most in cases of illnesses or other medical emergencies. According to a study, leading causes for deaths in the United States are heart diseases and different types of cancers, which are in direct correlation with a lack of the adequate health care (2). If these people were insured, they would be provided with services such as regular check-ups and in many cases death could be prevented. (Burman, 2008)

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