Thesis: Great Gatsby and the American dream

Sample Thesis Paper

The American dream has been the major drive for all the characters in Great Gatsby for believe that they have to work hard to achieve it. The only problem with this dream is that it can never be achieved since it is just an illusion.

However, neither of the characters seems to be aware that he or she is working hard to attain the unattainable. Since the dream is not realistic, any character can only attain a section of it and fail in the other sections. This is evidenced by many of the characters beginning with Jordan Baker who is thin and famous in wealthy and golf playing but is not satisfied since she cannot allow herself to loose. In fact, she is described as being “incurably dishonest. She wasn’t able to endure being at a disadvantageā€ (Fitzgerald 48). She is not happy since she can loose everything she has in a minute for it is not based on hard work.

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