Thesis: Guidelines for RFP

Sample Thesis Paper

In addition to comparing the information pertaining to system and business requirements, their functionality against the characteristics, attributes and functionality of the systems provided by the vendors, the RFP guidelines state that it is also important to collect additional information pertaining to the authorization proof of the vendor, the existence of the business as well as the financial viability of the company.

The specific names and the contact information for the professionals involved in the delivery of the system from the vendor’s side also have to be provided. Moreover the subcontractors and the consultants employed by the vendors also have to be highlighted. This enables the business to identify and know how capable the team appointed by the vendor would be in undertaking the project of the software system implementation and the set up of the required hardware. The more qualified and reputable the personnel are, the better are the chances of an efficient and streamlined implementation of the system.  Aside from this the specific costs of implementation, the cost of the system as well as the additional taxes and service charges that are to be charged by the vendors needs to be highlighted as well, along with any charges for the maintenance and updating of the system in the future. This would form the basis of the contract agreement between the business and the vendor company, and will also help the business better able to compare and assess the vendor proposal of service and products and the relevant propositions against the requirements of the system, resulting in a cost benefit analysis for the different solution available. This would enable the business to choose the best vendor for the system, as per the requirements of the business and the services being offered by the vendor.

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